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History of the Book of Ezra

Two stories of God fulfilling His promise to return His people to the land of promise (Jerusalem) after seventy years of exile, are found in this Old Testament Book of Ezra. The first return from Babylon is under the rule of Zerubbabel to rebuild the Temple. The second return was led by Ezra 58 years later to rebuild the spiritual condition of the people. Although these two accounts are found in this one book the Book of Esther fits in the 58 year period between these two "exodus" accounts where Esther rules as queen in Persia. The Book of Ezra's author is most likely Ezra. He was a direct priestly descendant of Aaron through Eleazar, Phineas, and Zadok. He was also a contemporary of Nehemiah. He wrote this book probably between 457 B.C. and 444 B.C. During this time frame Socrates is in Greece, Confucius is in China and Gautama Buddha is in India.
After you read through each chapter of this easy to navigate, free online study bible; simply click the "next" or "previous" chapter buttons at the end of the chapter or click on a chapter number in the tables. If you haven't taken our challenge to read the Bible in a year or less, check out our ART system with the "our challenge" link at the top of any page. Under some verses, you will find cross-reference links to use for study purposes.
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